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Fluoride and Fluoride Treatments

For decades, fluoride has been held in high regard by the dental community as an important mineral that is absorbed into and strengthens tooth enamel, thereby helping to prevent decay of tooth structures.

In nearly every U.S. community, public drinking supplies are supplemented with sodium fluoride as an effecctive public health measure to fight cavities. In addition, some private wells may contain naturally fluoridated water.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occuring element, the 14th most common mineral in the earth's crush found in food, water, soil, and several minerals.

Why Is Fluoride Important To Teeth?

Fluoride is absorbed into structures, such as bones and teeth, making them more resistant to the decay process. Fluoride can also help teeth with minor areas of decay repair themselves through a process called "remineralization."

How Do I Get Fluoride?

Drinking public water in many communities will provide a certain measure of fluoride protection. And for years, health professionals have endorsed the practice of supplementing our intake with certain dietary products, and topical fluorides in many toothpastes and some kinds of rinses. Certain beverages such as tea and soda may also contain fluoride. In the dental office, fluoride applied directly to the teeth as a varnish or gel is also used to help teeth be less susceptible to decay.

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